The Task Tracker

Want to keep track of your productivity? Want to know what you did and when did you do it? The task tracker is the app for you. Use the task tracker to know what you did, and when did you do it. The task tracker keeps track of your project and their tasks. Features:
* Add as much projects as you like
* Add as much tasks for each project as you like
* Start a timer for the task you are working on
* Add a start and end time for each task manually
* Change incorrect times in the project
* See a report for the times you worked, filtered by project and/or task
* Export the report to an easy to read CSV format
* Solved a bug with the report where the total project and task time didn't appear in the CSV file
* Now you can add an estimate to each task
* Now you can add an hourly rate to each project
* With the hourly rate you get a total project cost and an individual task cost
* With the hourly rate and the estimated time you can get an estimated project and task costs